Why change the logo?

There’s been a fair amount of vitriol flying around concerning plans to change the F1 logo. I’ve always been surprised how often this happens, particularly when a new management team take up the reins. One of the first things they seem to do is a ‘rebranding’ exercise which is always guaranteed to create outrage on the basis that 1) it isn’t seen as a priority “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” etc. and 2) it involves a lot of unnecessary (see 1.) costs and disruption. I came across a website that identifies some of the biggest new logo failures in recent years, which includes Cardiff City (!) http://www.canny-creative.com/10-rebranding-failures-how-much-they-cost/

So why do it? The answer I’ve come up with is because they can, and also because there are relatively few things a new leader can do to demonstrate change, and this happens to be one of them. Of course the real test of a new leadership is not whether or not the new logo is better or worse, but whether they can really improve the performance of the organisation and to do that they have to really change the organisation.

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