The Performance Pyramid

One of the new elements in the third edition of Performance at the Limit is the Performance Pyramid. This distils the critical learnings from our study of Formula 1 into a framework that can be applied to any organisation, team or project. I’ve just put together a short video of the key ideas behind the Pyramid, you can see it here. Of course if you want the real details, you’ll need to buy the book! I must take my bicycle clips off next time I do a video.

3 thoughts on “The Performance Pyramid

  1. Fascinating video, very Deming-esque, thanks for sharing.

    When you explain how these teams perform it is obvious, so why do you think that organisations struggle to be like this? Is it against human nature to manage this way?

    Bike clips weren’t too bad, could have been the reflective ones.

  2. Culture, organisations don’t spend enough time focusing on and building the right culture.

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