Keynote Speaking

Mark is an accomplished keynote speaker. His topics focus on a range of areas including competitive strategy, leadership, teamwork, high performance cultures and innovation.  He uses the high performance world of Formula 1® Motor Racing in order to draw valuable lessons for how teams, departments and entire organisations can improve their performance. He has spoken at international conferences throughout the world, to a wide variety of sectors and sizes of business. As an academic who works primarily with executives he is accustomed to working with audiences who are discerning, demanding and, above all, actively looking for ways to improve the performance of themselves, their team and their organisation.

Mark’s Philosophy

His philosophy is that you can only have real impact with your audience if you a) engage them with real examples and stories which are illuminating and inspiring and b) that you effectively connect these examples to the challenges faced by individuals in the workplace. It is for this reason that he exclusively focuses on the exciting, high performance, high technology and teamwork based world of Formula 1® motor racing.

Clients for keynote speaking include:

CommsMasters, Costain Construction, Ernst and Young, Hyde Housing Association, L&Q Housing Association, EMC, Phillip Morris International, Mars, Unilever.

Strategy Development

Mark is an experienced educator and facilitator in strategic management. He has taught internationally on a wide range of programmes including the core strategy courses on the Cranfield MBA programme, and Cranfield’s General Management Programmes. He has contributed as a visiting tutor to programmes at Cambridge University, University of Oxford, Warwick Business School and the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. He has also worked with senior teams in a variety of private and public sector organisations to help craft and develop their strategies