Culture eats everything for breakfast

I came across a piece on the Autosport site which featured the team principal of Racing Point, Otmar Szafnauer, reflecting on how, despite the fact that they have a wealthy team owner – Canadian Lawrence Stroll, whose son Lance drives for the team – they haven’t been able to transform this new investment into performance […]

Why F1 has to go digital

Several years ago I wrote a piece on the Virgin Disruptors website about how F1 was absolutely ripe for disruption and that Formula E was demonstrating all the characteristics of being the Uber to F1’s Hertz: To some extent this proved prophetic, particularly in terms of engagement from the automotive manufacturers such as Porsche, […]

Sergio Marchionne and the culture of Ferrari

On Saturday 21 July 2018 an announcement from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) reported that their chief executive officer, Sergio Marchionne, had experienced complications following surgery and would be unable to return to work. This was an undoubted personal tragedy for Marchionne and his family – he had been planning his retirement for April 2019, it […]

Leadership lessons from Wolf 21

I recently went on a winter holiday – looking for wolves in Yellowstone National Park. We saw elk, deer, moose, bald eagles, foxes and coyotes, but no wolves. The wolves of Yellowstone are one of the largest concentrations of wolves in North America, numbering around five hundred, but, as we discovered, they can still be […]

Some further thoughts on logos

So the new F1 logo has finally appeared. The furore was certainly intense, but also rather short-lived. Last week I had the pleasure of running the ‘Business of Motorsport’ module for our MSc in Advanced Motorsport Engineering, along with course director, Clive Temple. We were very fortunate in being able to spend a day at […]

Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo

The recent announcement that Alfa Romeo will become a partner of the Sauber F1 team, ostensibly as a sponsor, but with the longer term aim for a closer technological relationship, has strong similarities with the partnership between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing which was announced in September and, like Alfa Romeo and Sauber, will begin […]

Why change the logo?

There’s been a fair amount of vitriol flying around concerning plans to change the F1 logo. I’ve always been surprised how often this happens, particularly when a new management team take up the reins. One of the first things they seem to do is a ‘rebranding’ exercise which is always guaranteed to create outrage on […]

The Certainty of Chance

We all have our heroes in Formula 1 and one of mine is Sir Frank Williams. It’s an often forgotten fact that Williams are the second most successful F1 constructor of all time, only Ferrari have won more World Constructors’ Championships. Frank Williams was at the helm through all of these successes, most of which […]

Can F1 remain the pinnacle of motorsport technology?

‘The Staircase of Talent’ is a phrase often used in talent management circles, but it was Sir Jackie Stewart who coined this expression when used in motorsport. It referred to the way in which, having retired as an F1 driver, he had helped his son Paul move into single seater motorsport through the creation of Paul […]

The Monaco Performance Curve

Although Kimi Raikkonen failed to win the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix he did secure pole position with a time of 1 minute 12.178 seconds. This equated to an average speed of 104.4 mph. This is the fastest ever recorded pole setting lap of Monaco, a full 2mph ahead of Daniel Riccardo’s average of 102.4 mph […]

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