The power of the pitstop – don’t look for a silver bullet

At the Belgian Grand Prix Williams officially won the 2016 pitstop race by achieving the fastest time in eleven out of thirteen races, with eight more to go before the end of the season. If you’re interested a full breakdown of the fastest times by teams and drivers can be found at: What has […]

#F1 – Performance vs Budget August 2016

Yesterday I attended the F1 Black Book conference in central London. One of the takeaways from the event was, predictably, a copy of the 2016 Black Book. Beneath the equally predictable black exterior it contains a breakdown of all the revenues coming in to each team to provide a total 2016 operating budget. Of course […]

#F1 – Back to School – Term 2

This coming weekend we have one of the greatest Grand Prix in the World Championship – the Belgium Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps. It signifies the beginning of the second half of the world championship with nine Grand Prix starting off in Europe and then moving back to a series of long-haul races culminating with […]

Entering #F1 – do you buy ready-made or build your own?

Gene Haas has recently been quoted in the press saying he wished he had listened to Bernie Ecclestone’s advice. He was referring to the decision to build his own team from scratch, rather than acquire an existing team. Mr Ecclestone was of the view that he should have done the latter. Apart from the financial […]

The problem with Ferrari is over-protective parenting

There seem to be a range of articles around at the moment analysing the current problems at Ferrari. There are suggestions that Ross Brawn is returning, that Eric Boullier should be recruited, or that Ferrari should relocate to the UK, as they once did in the 1980s. To add my own pennyworth into the discussion, […]